Supply Chain scenario management supports the monitoring of transport networks

Status: Supply chains are subject to constant change

flexis Supply Chain Scenario Management is a detailed logistics planning and monitoring software, which enables users to respond effectively and efficiently to irregularities in the supply chain.

If a continuous flow of information is already operational throughout your transport processes, the current status can be constantly monitored. However, process errors and time deviations often remain undetected because of a lack of detailed planning with reference points that can be continuously checked against reality. Even small deviations here can have a major impact.

Challenge: Check rescheduling automatically

Irregularities are detected too late and lead to a high manual effort in scheduling - in the worst cases even leading to production downtime. The special processes triggered by these interruptions are based on expert experience and are usually strictly monitored. However, these processes are not standardized, are often not planned in detail, and can be very costly as a result of the short reaction times.

Solution: Implementing of Supply Chain Scenario Management

Tracking and Tracing enables you to continuously and effectively monitor transport networks through detailed, time-exact planning of the individual logistic process steps - all with predefined target time windows within which a given status should be reached. As soon as the target time windows are missed, the system triggers special processes, plans them in detail, and compares them with the notified delivery dates. These special processes and measures are also modelled and optimised in order to initiate the best possible processes as quickly as possible, all while keeping cost and quality squarely in view.

Result: Valid decision making through what-if scenarios

There are currently various systems on the market for track & trace or detailed transport plannings - but no integrated system that detects deviations between plan and actual and thus enables a quick and well-founded reaction to those deviations. With flexis, complex end-to-end decisions can be made on short notice and secured by the validation of what-if scenarios.