flexis Detailed Scheduling optimizes production planning

Status: Production of precision gears

Kawasaki Machine Industry manufactures gears for the furniture, energy, leisure, and industrial equipment industries, among others. The company has experience in the development and production of helicopter transmissions, engine programs, and international joint development programs as well as accessory transmissions for aircraft engines.

Challenge: Optimizing production planning

KMI needs to introduce a Job Shop Scheduling solution to optimize production planning and create more transparency.

Solution: Implementation of flexis Detailed Scheduling

The flexis Detailed Scheduling solution was implemented at KMI in Kyoto, Japan. Detailed Scheduling is an innovative solution for job management that’s specially tailored to small and medium-sized companies. KMI uses the powerful flexis solution for the production of its high-quality precision gears, which are mainly used in aircraft construction, to optimize production planning in shop floor manufacturing.

flexis AG was selected for two main reasons:

  1. Because of the company's exceptional knowledge of production planning and optimization in the automotive industry
  2. Because of the versatile and flexible possibilities offered by flexis Advanced Planning & Scheduling solutions with their advanced in-memory database and optimization algorithms.

Result: Detailed Scheduling combines Advanced Planning & Scheduling and ERP features

Once implemented, the job management solution enabled users to create and validate production plans optimized in terms of capacities and constraints. In addition, the solution includes the functionalities of an ERP system, so that orders can be created and processes can be adapted. KMI is the first company to benefit from this new flexis software solution.

The flexis Detailed Scheduling Solution helps us to optimize our order and delivery processes, from customer order management to production planning and order dispatch. The central element is the significant increase in transparency regarding the current status of our production progress, the availability of products and all our production resources. This overview of the current situation can be called up quickly and reliably at any time. Detailed Scheduling also helps us to recognize bottlenecks in our production at an early stage and to avoid downtimes of our employees and machines. Our set-up times have also been significantly reduced. flexis Detailed Scheduling also supports us in efficiently creating optimized production plans. The ability to create and evaluate planning scenarios has significantly stabilized our production. We can now cover the entire sales and production process and benefit from the optimized planning and simulation options. This contributes to our corporate goal of manufacturing high-precision products for our customers and achieving sustainable growth. Seiichiro Hayashi, KMI