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flexis’ portfolio of supply chain solutions have been successfully used for years in industries with multi-variant mass production. However, the standardized modules can also be used in the manufacturing sector of medium-sized companies. Furthermore, our SCM solution modules ideally complement the planning tools available in the logistics industry. In particular, flexis’ software for Vehicle Routing and Scheduling or our Supply Chain Scenario Management System can help support the daily planning of dispatchers.

Depending on the requirements and process flow in the respective industry environment, flexis also develops customized solutions using existing and standardized software modules. Since the flexis basic technology fits all devices, it can be adapted to existing customer applications or existing standard software systems (open interfaces to SAP/ERP).

In addition to flexis' core competencies for the automotive industry, the manufacturing industry and the large logistics providers with their complex supply chain requirements, great synergies are created with Blue Yonder. Blue Yonder offers visionary technology with industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities, end-to-end connectivity and visibility, single platform, and infinite intelligence applications.

Blue Yonder Solutions

flexis solutions for the automotive industry

Transparent and stable processes, from customer order to on-time delivery, are extremely important in industries with highly developed mass production. To this end, processes are analyzed and optimized in order to create planning solutions for multi-variant production. A continuous and integrated sales and production planning ensures a lean order process, more throughput, and thus satisfied customers.

Today's automotive supply chain is highly complex, globalized, and subject to frequent disruptions: fluctuating demand, interruptions in the transport chains, and quality problems in parts production are omnipresent. Therefore, even decisions that have already been made must be continuously examined. flexis solutions provide the necessary real-time knowledge to capture dynamically occurring changes, recognize the associated effects, and subsequently regulate them as needed. In addition, short-term adaptation measures can be questioned and more consciously initiated with the help of the software, because the effects of the decisions on other parts and processes are transparent.

Sector Solutions

flexis solutions for the manufacturing industry

Like many other industries, manufacturing companies today are increasingly faced with the challenge of achieving more with less effort. Increasingly diversifying production while reducing total cost of ownership and investment has become a huge challenge for manufacturers as they seek to remain meaningful and competitive in a globalized marketplace. With a few key strategic measures, a company can secure long-term benefits - and the necessary investments can be recouped through productivity gains:

  • Implement intelligent, integrated planning and production software solutions
  • Streamline operational processes including back-office, supplier relationships, and customer management
  • Improve planning and production strategies to optimize inventory
  • Reduce bottlenecks, increase push-pull efficiency
  • Use developments like Industry 4.0, Big Data, the Internet of Things, and Advanced Analytics

Sector Solutions

flexis solutions for the logistics industry

In the past, process optimization in transport logistics has often been highly segmented. However, as long as strategic, tactical and operational planning are treated separately, loading companies and forwarders will suffer from a lack of coordination. Due to limited transparency and forecasting, decisions are often made on the basis of incomplete information. Therefore, different planning levels need to be linked together. With integrated planning, bottlenecks and uncoordinated decision-making- which often result in inefficiency - can then be avoided. The flexis solution portfolio for the logistics industry offers different modules that are standardized and have been tried and tested for a long time.

Solutions for transportation service providers include strategic network planning, operational planning, transport and hub capacity planning, tendering and purchasing management, and dynamic pricing.

Solutions for the shipping industry include network planning, capacity planning, supply chain event management, outbound pull, inbound pull, supply chain risk management, and transport planning.

Sector Solutions