flexis Sequencing creates optimized production sequences based on all existing orders in order to ensure efficient production sequences in the short-term planning horizon. This APS solution is suitable for the variant-rich manufacturing industry, in which a resource-optimized assembly sequence is essential. The program enables on-schedule, lean production with permanent adjustments to current requirements.


The system generates solutions that guarantee reliable compliance with production planning targets.


The modular APS software for sequencing allows rapid concept testing. In Shop Floor Management, parameters can be adjusted by drag & drop. Previous flexis reference cases have a very high sequence stability of up to 99%.

Detail Description

flexis Sequencing receives all existing customer orders and automatically distributes capacities to the respective customers. In this way, optimized sequences are created on the assembly line and on the supply and removal systems. The system generates a consistent pearl chain concept to optimize efficiency. In concrete terms, this means an even distribution of the assembly work and smoothing of the assembly times for a station or a section of a conveyor. The system-side functions support and facilitate manual rescheduling. The program visualizes rule violations and supports the planner in making decisions.

Added Value

  • Avoidance of problem and bottleneck situations
  • Easily adaptable planning module
  • Standard rules can be selected
  • Sequence rules can be adapted and configured by the planner, e.g. for new conditions
  • Lean production through stable processes
  • Process sequences can be optionally adapted to the individual requirements of the customer
  • Archiving of planning and process know-how in a comprehensible form

flexis solution overview


Reduction of rework by

30 to

High sequence stability

up to

Throughput increase

5 to