Motek 2019 - Visit us in Motek’s competence arena - ARENA OF INTEGRATION - Hall 6

Together with our partner XETICS GmbH, we will demonstrate a generic example for the interaction of digital production processes and its optimization within planning.

Location: Stuttgart Germany, Monday 7th to Thursday 10th October 2019

More Information - I40 approach for production

flexis Job Shop Scheduling @ Industry 4.0 Demonstration and Innovation Center in Suzhou, China

flexis Job Shop Scheduling includes the convenient creation of orders, the mapping of the associated machine-, employee-, material- and tool-structure and the optimization of the process flow for each job, taking into account the complex resource layout of an enterprise.

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Guide to Today’s Manufacturing Industry

Learn more about our understanding of contemporary manufacturing and the foundation of our manufacturing portfolio, which supports your production with powerful software from customer order to timely delivery.

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The Supply Chain Manager’s Guide to Industry 4.0

How to Move Your Organization to the Future of the Supply Chain Industry

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flexis Blog - Our blog aims to educate readers on the big issues and concerns in Automotive, Manufacturing, and Logistics

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The Supply Chain Manager’s Guide to Industry 4.0

How to Move Your Organization to the Future of the Supply Chain Industry

Manufacturing leaders around the world are already moving to create more flexible, efficient, productive supply chains that embody the principles of Industry 4.0. In the short term, supply chain managers will need to look closely at critical domains like demand planning and supply network design. Facilitating an evolution to the Industry 4.0 framework has multiple benefits.

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Sales & Operations Planning with MRP Integration

Why isn’t there software capable of bringing sales planning, market inventories and production capacities together?
Our software package would also be able to take into account medium and long term volume forecasts, and supplier information in order to balance capacities and needs across various levels. Flexis sales planning goes even as far as taking into account parts demand forecasts and delivery network capacities in order to formulate the ideal plan. This creates a high level of planning security and forecasting accuracy...
Sales & Operations Planning with MRP Integration

Technology for Supply Chain Management

Real-time Planning through In-Memory Techology. Faster data access and adaptation. All relevant information for the planning process is packaged and saved “in memory”. This allows to access and adapt data much faster and more efficiently than traditional technologies.
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Global Supply Chain Networks - An Ongoing Challenge

Avoiding Bottlenecks and ensuring the security of the Supply Chain: Minimizing the Risks of a Global Network
Are you able to identify potential bottlenecks or under-utilized capacity in advance? Is it possible to ensure the security of supply against orders or jobs that are already or about to be scheduled?
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Long-term Planning Security

Our solutions provide a look into the future across multiple data axis
Our Demand Capacity Planning solutions offer visibility into a continuous demand stream while taking into account various supply streams. This provides a complete view into current and future needs and allows for faster decisions related to sourcing, accepting changes in demand, or new program introduction. flexis has successfully integrated multiple sources of data to help understand the complete supply situation.
Optimization of Demand Capacity Planning

Automotive Logistics Magazine - Opel/Vauxhall

flexis in the field – Order Slotting

Order slotting has helped to create a real-time connection between vehicle orders and material supply for General Motors’ European production.

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Our Solutions Speak for Themselves

Heinz Braun, Audi AG

The optimized production control system using flexis Balancing and flexis Sequencing contributes to increased productivity in the Audi plant in Ingolstadt. Audi AG in Ingolstadt was able to reduce its operating costs significantly. The scheduled color changeovers were reduced by more than 90 per cent as a result of using flexis Balancing and flexis Sequencing. […] The investment was amortized in just over 4 months.

Jeroen de Winter, DAF Trucks N.V.

Together with flexis, we executed a very successful upgrade project for our DAF sequencing applications. Remarkable was how well the flexis team understands our business, enabling smart solutions and in-time project delivery. The project resulted in a new system with flexible scheduling capabilities and modern user interfacing, helping DAF to realize significant savings...

Werner Mohri, MAN Truck & Bus AG

With the introduction of flexis Monitoring we are now able to detect part shortages earlier in the near term horizon. This in turn enables us to start the escalation process to avoid missing parts earlier and to prevent and reduce turbulences and costly retrofitting work in the assembly process...