Higher stability in truck assembly at MFTE, Portugal

Status: Production of light truck models

A manufacturer of light truck models produces commercial vehicles for the European market in several production lines in Portugal. The manufacturer uses an Order Sequencing solution for optimal production planning.

Challenge: Stable production sequences

Order scheduling for the assembly of truck components is to be optimized across several production lines. In doing so, it is important that the orders are scheduled without any loss of productivity or production bottlenecks. An APS solution should guarantee that, on the one hand, a certain flexibility can be maintained, but on the other hand, stability in production is also ensured - even in the event of high fluctuations in demand.

Solution: Lean management in production through intelligent Order Sequencing

After extensive research, flexis implements an Order Sequencing solution and a reference Order Sequencing solution. This ensures that all production lines are optimally utilized and that dependent reference assembly lines, for example in upstream trades, are perfectly coordinated. In addition, a monitoring solution monitors the availability of the necessary components in real time.

Result: Foresighted production planning and control

Order-optimized production planning of truck components with the flexis Order Sequencing and flexis Reference Order Sequencing solutions helps to increase productivity in the Portuguese plant at MFTE. Orders that cannot be built are identified early and can be rescheduled with sufficient lead time. The plant can react flexibly to fluctuations in market demand and schedule order changes based on assured material availability. The intuitive solution creates transparency and clearly displays the status of all production lines and components. In this way, preventive measures can be taken in good time and supply bottlenecks avoided. In addition, there are virtually no sudden additional costs due to last-minute rescheduling - this is where stability pays off.