The requirements for planning in the supply chain and for efficient, evenly distributed production are becoming increasingly complex. Optimization methods with a collaborative ecosystem are therefore gaining in importance as an add-on to conventional planning solutions. Today, supply chain planning means more than just organizing individual processes; it must be viewed as an integrative component of an end-to-end process.

Transport utilization, deadline accuracy, lead times, parts supply, machine utilization, sales planning, inventory management, utilization of production capacities - the consideration of all different targets requires technological support. It must be freely configurable and easily adaptable to changing circumstances. An overall optimum can only be achieved through interaction between the user and the software solution. The specific determination of the best planning is increasingly supported by the system. The user directs and controls this process. He concentrates mainly on modeling targets within an adaptive optimization framework. For this purpose, we at flexis use state-of-the-art technologies that create real added value in our cloud-based solutions.

The flexis cloud service architecture built with composable objects allows a seamless integration to the Blue Yonder Platform and full value realization of end-to-end supply chains.

Blue Yonder Platform