Planning Solutions for Automotive Industry

Transparent and Stable Processes: From Order to On-time Delivery
Transparency through optimized real-time planning. flexis has the know how to analyze and optimize variant rich production processes in order to create a solution that ensures intelligent manufacturing through collaboration and transparency. By creating a continuous and integrated sales and production planning process, flexis is able to create a higher level of clarity across connected business units, increase throughput, and ensure satisfied customers.

Sales & Operation Planning

Integrated S&OP planning allows for collaboration with consistency across multiple planning dimensions. flexis S&OP solutions optimize long-term planning by connecting the Marketing plan with production capacities and supply capability while taking into account the logistics network. Thus allowing for a planning environment in which all information updates in real-time.

  • Synchronization of the Long-Term Marketing and Sales Plan to the Parts and Available Resource plan.
  • Using the ability to constantly monitor and verify the Sales and Operations Plan with Capacity Management, allows for more intelligent planning by identifying imbalances early enough to adjust accordingly.
  • The results of flexis Sales and Operations Planning is an agile demand-oriented plan that takes into consideration many variables at different product and component levels or groups.

Integrated Sales & Operation planning in near real-time creates stability by linking all critical plan dimensions, and in turn, is the basis for building a demand and profit-oriented plan.

Integrated Sales & Operation Planning Framework

Advanced Planning & Scheduling

flexis Advanced Planning & Scheduling Solutions provide the mid- to short-term planning functions for:

  • Master Scheduling for Order planning and Scheduling
  • Order sequence(s) to support Lean Manufacturing
  • Machine and Resource Scheduling

flexis Advanced Planning & Scheduling platform supports a number of different order planning philosophies such as Build-to-Order, Build-to-Stock, Engineer-to-Order, and Build-to-Promise. In addition, APS supports various styles of production, for example batch, single and multi-flow production, by utilizing an integrated modular approach. The integrative data model ensures the consistent planning and re-planning of orders and production based upon a comprehensive set of rules and constraints as well as part availability. The combination of planning and the capabilities for real time decision support allow customers the benefit of on-time delivery, cost-optimization, streamlined planning, and control. They make the dependencies and conflicts of value chains manageable. flexis APS compliments and enhances existing ERP, MES, and other production management systems.

Integrated Scheduling Framework Integrated Sequencing Framework

Job Shop Scheduling

Supply Chain Management

flexis Supply Chain Management provides real-time visibility across different organizational units that cannot be matched by using traditional systems. Information such as order needs, inventory availability and location, and transportation timelines are presented clearly to the user in order to create an overall picture from which informed decisions can be made. This end-to-end Turbo-Transparency creates an environment in which organizations can proactively manage their supply chain network, keep total cost down, and encourage demand-oriented planning.

flexis Supply Chain Management adds further value through optimized container loading and unloading based on what is being “pulled” by the most current demand. This added insight allows for intelligent packing of containers and provides detailed load lists that ensures the best utilization of available capacities. With better visibility, more informed and accurate decisions are made in order to cut overall costs.

Turbo-Transparency Container Management