flexis Production Scheduling

flexis Production Scheduling gives manufacturing companies the power to coordinate production and transport for maximum efficiency and productivity.

flexis Production Scheduling allows companies to optimize production output, supply chain cost and ATP rates by integrating constraint and costs based planning and optimization solutions.

As a core driver of the flexis Solution Suite, Production Scheduling provides functional modules to allow companies to cover many different modes of production set-up and execution and to allow for quick and easy modifications of planning parameters. No longer do future production planners need to rely on manual planning to generate more accurate, repeatable planning results. Rather, flexis Production Scheduling provides planners and managers with sandbox environments to test constraints, examine the efficiency of rules, and determine methods to improve critical KPIs.

flexis solution modules can also be combined to allow for multiple planning cycles including everything from mid-term planning to daily scheduling tasks. Production Scheduling integrates scheduling functionalities and allows planners to apply various modules to solve complex planning and production challenges. Through the deployment of flexis BOM module, material availability for production orders can automatically checked and verified relative to new constraints in the planning sequence. This means planners and managers will have greater power, control, and oversight when it comes to planning production programs and coordinating transport strategies.