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flexis Strategic Network Planner

Simulates and defines Optimized Network Plans

By utilizing flexis’ Strategic Network Planner, freight forwarders can avoid making key decisions based on incomplete, past-oriented data. Maximize future growth and outpace the competition with a future-focused system designed to help you anticipate change and navigate the complexities of an evolving marketplace.

flexis’ Strategic Network Planner helps stakeholders in your company to model changes in customers, locations, shipment volumes, internal/external capacities, restrictions and costs, lead times, and network design in order to gauge the potential impacts of these changes on your business. Company-wide, scenario based planning interfaces enable companies to validate forecasts and choose the most suitable vision for the future - all while taking costs and changes in network structure into account.

With an interface designed to promote collaboration and decrease future uncertainties, flexis’ unique solution offers:

  • “Sandbox” scenarios, i.e. as a separate copies of the official Volume Forecasts, in which all functionality can be used to simulate different effects.
  • Delta reports that offer comparisons on data between instances. Previous versions of plans can be compared with new and hypothetical roadmaps for the future.