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flexis Yard & Gate Manager

flexis Yard & Gate Manager optimizes the collection or dispatch of goods, delivery zones, and time windows based on constraint-oriented models. No longer do loading and unloading processes have to be left to chance; instead, businesses have the chance to save time and reduce costs by making the most of their capacity.

Through the module, users can visualize various different delivery processes, such as trailer/container yard processing and integration of internet-capable devices on the last mile (geofencing as a registration with gates and time slot), all with the use of classic web portals for time bookings (when transport is assigned or integrated into delivery planning).

With flexis Yard & Gate Manager, it is possible to optimize processing to reduce throughput times during unloading. The delivery model can be tweaked to emphasize different criteria, whether users need demand-driven data on the basis of a production program or prioritization by product group and FiFo principle. Discover a smarter approach to yard and gate management that takes full account of the best use of resources, storage costs, optimized circulation, and other factors.