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flexis Transport Planner

The Transport Planning module is the short-term operationalization of capacity plannings. Users can optimize capacity planning based on information imported from the order-carrying system.

Based on order information and associated KPIs, the Transport Planner optimizes planning systems while allowing users to make changes and adjustments by hand. After manual intervention, the system allows a reoptimization based on the changed solution. Orders are dispatched by the planner to the commissioned freight forwarders including order details as well as timetables. flexis solution covers multiple ways of transport optimization as:

Route & Tour Optimizer
Based on order attributes, driving and loading times, speed profiles, and other factors, the Route & Tour Optimizer takes the guesswork out of two crucial questions: How many vehicles do I need? And how do I best utilize them?

flexis’ system optimizes cost for pickup or deliveries within defined areas, while also optimizing usage of vehicle types, routes, and tours based on vehicle and stop constraints. With data imported from your order carrying system, the Route & Tour Optimizer offers suggestions for optimal shipping routes, including dynamic routing and transport, as well as route optimization based on order attributes.

Freight Network Manager
With a complex array of hubs, depots, warehouses, trucks, drivers, and other freight network elements, it can be difficult to develop a nuanced understanding of the relationship between various elements and their usages. Luckily, flexis’ Freight Network Manager offers insights based your restrictions and priorities to help you use your freight network in an optimal way.

The tool offers a number of capabilities:

  • Defining possible network layouts
  • Defining cost functions for combinations
  • Forecasting information on volumes
  • Decision-making based on optimal network layout
  • Optimal use of of direct routes
  • Optimal use of milk runs
  • Optimal HubTraffic (taking Hub cost and capacity functions into consideration)