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flexis Freight & Hub Capacity Planner

Mid-range capacity plans for regions, hubs, and customer segments.

Mid-range capacity plans that align midterm capacity needs represent a potential game-changer for companies that would otherwise be stuck in an ongoing cycle of struggling to square their present needs with past-based predictions. High labor and transportation costs are a reality for all freight forwarding businesses, but with improved freight and hub capacity forecasting it is possible to create mid-range plans that maximize resources while anticipating changing needs.
flexis’ Freight & Hub Capacity Planner offers Mid-range capacity plans for regions, hubs, and customer segments, route & tour optimization, and freight network management based on smart forecasts that incorporate rolling line occupation forecast models and periodic network adjustments (seasonalities). By defining demand earlier and more accurately, freight forwarders can improve labor and capacity utilization and help to decrease costs.

Using the Freight & Hub Capacity Planner, companies can make use of the following planning functionality:

  • Derive required capacity information volume forecasts for mid-term capacity planning
  • Plan different capacity areas (e.g. regions, hubs, and customer groups).
  • Generate workforce forecasts for each hub and docking point in order to optimize shift planning. Export capabilities to Workforce Management Systems are possible.
  • Generate vehicle forecasts including type, equipment, usage, and allocation.
  • Optimize pickup point and hub allocation based on optimal vehicle usage, including pickup point and hub constraints.
  • Generate hub allocation forecasts, including validity periods, in order to allow dynamic decisions based on optimal cost structures.
  • Perform period network adjustments based main haul network needs.
  • Capacity information can be provided in the customer’s required level of detail (timely structures, aggregation levels etc.).