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flexis Dynamic Quotation Generator

Dynamic price engine built for customized quotes based on: existing cost structures, shipment data, lead time requirements, and billing model

The Dynamic Quotation Generator helps freight forwarders move away from the inefficiencies of static pricing structures, offering real-time calculations for quotations based on cost structures, shipment data, lead time requirements, and billing models. The result is an agile, adaptive answer to the fixed-pricing of old, by which companies are able to break free from decisions made based on past needs and obsolete information.

With real-time costing and pricing information, the Dynamic Quotation Generator can aid decision-making about new and existing customers, bring about improved margins through more accurate representations of shipping costs, and save time and money on large orders that would otherwise have to be spot-priced manually.

By combining relevant order information with forecasts and occupancy levels, flexis’ solution can help drive a transition to spot pricing for all orders, resulting in dynamic pricing rooted in real-life analyses of current shipping costs and circumstances. Users will find new ways to avoid saddling themselves with cost-prohibitive orders while simultaneously cultivating a competitive advantage over companies whose pricing models are less adaptive.