flexis Transportation Scheduling

flexis Transportation Scheduling brings allocation and production to the part level

With our Transportation Scheduling solution, manufacturing companies can optimize their inbound transportation concept. This means flexis plans the inbound processes based on production needs, warehousing strategies, and transport tariffs. Therefore, there is no need for fixed replenishment rules to be reworked in tactical optimization sessions. flexis generates PickUp sheets based on lead time and value stream decisions generating optimal TLC (Total Landed Cost) ratios.

Actionable planning strategies based on product availability. Organizing and optimizing materials, transportation routes, and other critical elements of the movement of parts and products. Detailed understanding and visualization of the restraints and variables associated with effective routing and management of product flow and movement. Our solution utilizes an inbound pull strategy based on transport cost structure, overall cost of stock, a production demand, and transport models and lead times to better align resource allocation and the production cycle on a part level.

What does this mean for your company? It means flexis Transportation Scheduling allows you to take control of your transport and routing strategies through the optimization and organization of transportation and routing challenges such as tariffs, traffic bottlenecks, and other transit pain points.