flexis Demand Capacity Planning

flexis Demand Capacity Planning allows companies to zoom in on their overall supply situation

With flexis Demand Capacity Planning, manufacturing companies can integrate the supplier world on a part level already in early stages.

Whereas S&OP processes are typically run on a product level, flexis Demand Capacity Planning allows impact views on part levels. This enables purchasing organizations and logistics planners already in early stages, to align their supplier networks to agreed production schedules. Part constraints can easily be captured and escalated on product levels to allow realignments of sales plans.

flexis Demand Capacity Planning creates an overall integrated planning process in which material needs and capacities are matched for enhanced operational capacity. Various internal divisions such as sales, production, logistics, and purchasing are aligned to create an optimized masterplan.
flexis Demand Capacity Planning also accounts for the complete product structure and utilizes powerful processing tools to run detailed simulations and what-if scenarios to create an optimized sales planning platform for manufacturing companies on a worldwide scale. By creating collaborative environments, logistics and production planners and purchasing departments can work from the same forecasts and modeling which fosters increased cross-organizational communication and breaks down planning and information silos.

By deploying a flexis Demand Capacity Planning solution, manufacturing companies can experience:

  • Increased transparency as to the material needs Capacity security via early identification of potential bottlenecks or overcapacity events.
  • Built-in alarms and notifications when plan adjustments or modifications are necessary to avoid bottlenecks.