flexis Demand Capacity Management

Demand Capacity Management helps companies integrating their supplier base in an intelligent way

flexis Demand Capacity Management provides companies with a comprehensive overview of future demands on a part level.

Based on production schedules, Demand Capacity Management creates material forecasts to integrate the supplier base in an end-to-end supply chain perspecitive. Considering horizontal industry 4.0 integration approaches, this component ensures end-to-end connectivity to streamline complex value networks.

The focus of Demand Capacity Management is to secure short and mid-range planning horizons via a number of integrated, intelligent functions.

  • BOM explosion of individual orders or part groups.
  • Processing of individual part numbers of target groups.
  • Identification of overcapacities and potential costs.
  • Validation of demand capacity scenarios for quick and decisive responses to issues.

A continuous balancing of needs and capacities across all product levels allows planners to react quickly to disturbances such as bottlenecks, production issues, or sales order changes. This means planners and managers can use precise, detailed forecasting and reporting to identify bottlenecks before they occur and draft comprehensive plans based on real order scenarios to avoid disruptions and foster smooth, continuous production programs.

Early detection of impending supply shortages and identifying the impacted orders is paramount to today’s manufacturing world, and flexis Demand Capacity Management gives manufacturing companies the tool necessary to conduct these tasks for increased visibility, agility, and responsiveness in a global, competitive marketplace.