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flexis Tender Manager

The Tender/Purchasing Manager module allows tendering support for freight services across all modalities. The focus is on securing medium-term and long-term capacities and conditions. Based on strategic scenarios, a tendering process is initiated for a limited period. The tendering packages can be split up into tenderable packages. Depending on the modality, different tendering criteria can be deposited.

flexis Tender/Purchasing Manager allows the export of tender documents, which can either be forwarded digitally or integrated on platforms. Tender documents contain quantity frameworks for the tender period, as well as an associated tariff matrix, lead times, price breaks, loading area types, possible capacity restrictions, and self-assessment sheets on the basis of customer-specific evaluation matrices. Flexis Tender/Purchasing Manager then allows re-importing and evaluating the rate matrices returned.

By using the flexis Constraint Manager, companies can achieve overall optimal results that take into account both hard exclusion criteria and soft constraints (e.g. flexibility, availability, emergency concepts, etc.).

flexis Tender Manager uses traffic concepts of strategic plans, taking into account freight costs and qualitative criteria. flexis scenario manager supports by the determination of implications in the weighting of the criteria, and the model can continue to be applied to possible alternative strategic planning scenarios in order to make qualified decisions.

Final remediation scenarios are then checked into the solution and serve as a basis for operational commissioning. Additionally, flexis Tender/Purchasing Manager helps companies to manage:

  • Generation of tender documents (coverage)
  • Master Data with hauliers and partners including tariff sheets and routing information
  • Seasonality based pricing options
  • Visualisation of carrier statistics (occupation, revenues, etc.)
  • Rankings
  • Hauler and partner allocations
  • Optional: integration of freight exchange platforms (e.g. Timocom)