Job Shop Scheduling

Reduction of set up time 15-40%

On-time increase 12-20%

Special measures savings (overtime, special trips, etc.) 20-40%

Increased machine utilization 20-30%

Job Shop Scheduling: Goal oriented planning optimizing available capacities to meet customer demands

Our Solution allows you to not only create and manage orders, but also envision the associated machinery, staff, material, and tool structure which go into the fulfillment of that order. Taking into account all of the requirements to produce as well as the promised delivery date, flexis is able to optimize the process flow for individual orders and increase visibility across the entire production area.

Detailed planning is not just about the optimal utilization of resources. The challenge has evolved with production capabilities to include how quickly, flexibly, and accurately optimize production while constantly responding to problems or changing situations. In the spirit of industry 4.0, flexis is creating solutions that flexibly optimize machine utilization plans for all stages of production.

Promised customer dates, internal and external resource structures, personnel capacities and capabilities, and the availability of materials and tools are all considered when creating the optimized plan. The result is an optimized utilization plan that meets your company’s individual goals based off of their corresponding weight (punctuality, resource utilization, set-up time, and output quantity).

flexis JSS also allows increased transparency to your customers by providing them with accurate up to date information including potential delivery date for new orders or updated delivery dates for changed orders.

Flexible goal oriented planning taking into account capacities and promised delivery dates.


  • Reduction of set up time 15-40%
  • On-time increase 12-20%
  • Special measures savings (overtime, special trips, etc.) 20-40%
  • Increased machine utilization 20-30%

Your requirements and processes, our solution framework; See how flexis is tailored to help meet current and future goals within your organization.

Evaluate and validate potential changes through flexis scenario capability

Additional shifts or overtime are sometimes the only way to respond to short-term overloads. In longer range planning, there might be a need to increase capacity through personnel or machinery additions or upgrades. Without the right information on hand these decisions can become extremely difficult to make and at times result in the wrong decision being made. flexis enables our customers to run scenarios in order to explore how a change will impact the organization as well as what change will make the greatest impact with the least amount of cost. Having greater transparency over your operations not only allows for more precise planning but also helps to create a lean, well running organization.

Multi-criteria optimization: Using your goals to create an overall optimized plan

Optimized cycle-time is not the sole goal of production. Many organizations also place a high value on keeping minimum stock, optimum capacity utilization, facility utilization, and punctuality. Through flexis planning solutions, these key figures are incorporated into the overall optimization through assigned weights in order to create a plan that is optimized for the goals of your organization.

Future-proof planning; the tight coupling of planning and MES becomes a reality

Industry 4.0 has played an important role and served as a basis for the creation of flexis Solutions. Production information can be directly integrated in order to have real time data available for planning purposes. Set-up times, required maintenance, and machine down time are incorporated into the planning functionality in order to give a complete view of the current production capability. This gives the planner a bird’s eye view of the entire production system enabling well informed decisions to be made when inputting a new order or reacting to a production disruption.

The Transparency necessary for Intelligent Planning

With schedule changes, worker call outs, delays, equipment failure, or customer requests; your planning tool needs to be as dynamic as your daily business. With flexis, you are able to quickly determine how a disturbance will affect your business as well as what is the best solution to rectify the issue. By quickly isolating a disturbance and identifying the affected orders, it is easy to make the necessary changes in order to continue to produce as optimally as possible.