Challenges - Supply Chain Analytics

Manufacturing companies must leverage lean, efficient production programs to remain viable and competitive

Efficient, lean production programs produce less waste and are more closely aligned with customer demands, lower stock levels, and full-usage capacity levels. On one hand, this allows companies to leverage lower cost production set-ups with a greater element of reliability, but it also requires manufacturing companies to leverage well-structured process control instruments. In complex production scenarios, this functionality cannot be achieved with an IT solution support. While current systems provide KPIs relevant for factory control, this is simply not sufficient anymore to give manufacturing companies the agility and flexibility necessary for lean operations.

To help address this challenge, manufacturing companies need integrated online systems for enhanced performance at a granular level and to achieve established performance metrics and benchmarks. Such online systems are also needed to visualize output deviations in order to pinpoint the root causes for analysis. In addition, online systems are needed to help manufacturing companies:

  • Prepare KPIs for different stakeholders in a cross-organizational structure.
  • Create trend analysis data gathered from deviations patterns.
  • Readjust planning parameters and constraints in order to close loops from planning to execution in the CIP process in order generate better planning results.

flexis Supply Chain Analytics Cockpit supports manufacturing companies in their struggle to leverage lean manufacturing principles by supporting real-time visualizations of planning gaps and allowing for root cause analysis as well as the alignment of planning parameters to improve planning results and output levels.