Challenges - Production Control Tower

Planning and production processes are too often a one-way street in global manufacturing

For too many manufacturing companies, planning and execution processes are two distinct processes lacking integration or collaboration. Finalized planning efforts and actions are provided to the production facility floor for execution via ERP or MES systems, or even in disconnected ways such as email or other non-integrated methods of communication. In production cases without disruption, this method is of course ideal, however, especially in variant-rich industries, disruptions do occur and result in costly, complex replanning strategies that lack oversight and insight into how and why the disruption took place.

Because companies lack a safety net or back-up plan for these disruptions, companies do not have a structured method of identifying and addressing variations or disruptions. As a result, execution teams are then forced to enact decisions based on local knowledge of the situation which can result in complex planning and production scenarios leading to suboptimal solutions to potentially easily workable problems.

With flexis Production Control Tower solution, manufacturing companies have the power to engage in production monitoring and immediate replanning procedures in real-time to avoid disruptions and address variances within the supply network.