flexis Supply Chain Analytics Cockpit

flexis Supply Chain Analytics Cockpit provides a path to streamlined operations by linking planning and execution.

With flexis Supply Chain Analytics Cockpit, manufacturing companies have the power to create efficient, streamlined links between the planning and production stages to foster enhanced communication and collaboration across various touch points of a company’s value chain.

In order to bridge the gap between planning and execution or production programs, flexis Supply Chain Analytics Cockpit provides manufacturing companies with a dynamic dashboard linking the planning and production worlds. In-memory data systems allows companies to access live data and reporting in real-time to better align planning and production programs. Pre-established sets of KPIs and multiple stakeholder dashboards distribute information in a cross-organizational manner to breakdown planning and communication silos and create stronger connections between once disparate parts of the planning and production process.

In addition, flexis Supply Chain Analytics Cockpit provides manufacturing companies with the ability to:

  • Define customer-specific KPIs based on visualizations of customer needs.
  • Receive alerts and notifications from deviations or changes in planned events for quick, comprehensive reactions.
  • Integrated historic data sets in order to visualize trends and simulate possible outcomes to a variety of production scenarios.
  • Close the planning gap by alerting planners and managers to to trends and possible adjustments to alleviate challenges from these trends or adjust constraints based on in-depth reporting and analysis.