Global Supply Monitoring - Inbound Monitoring - Outbound Monitoring

Reduction of special trips by 4-12%

Safety stock reduced by 30-40%

Increased plan stability

Continuous transparency across business units

Connecting Planning Silos

Turbo-Transparency breaks down the traditional planning norm of sequential planning “Silos” and creates holistic end-to-end real time planning. By planning in parallel and in real time, business units are able to work together to create an optimized plan without the time offset of overnight data processing. Turbo-Transparency is able to merge operational planning and execution into one single dynamic process.

Your requirements and processes, our solution framework; See how flexis can be tailored to help meet current and future goals within your organization.

Global Supply Monitoring

Monitor critical parts with long lead times to ensure that stock levels will meet future demand figures. Global supply monitoring allows for a check and balance process which compares current and future demand against the current inventory and shipments to make sure that the requirements will not outpace the supply. Inventory levels as well as transportation arrivals and range views are displayed in graphical and tabular representations that are connected to the current order book.

Increased transparency and agility with a clear view over the end-to-end fulfillment situation. React quickly to disturbances and critical care situations.

Inbound Monitoring

Monitor the short-term horizon parts supply for your upcoming production plan (based on planned orders). Provides the necessary transparency view on current stock and in-transit, in order to match it with the upcoming production needs. Gain an overview and understanding of which components might create a bottleneck situation and which jobs will be affected by a potential part shortage. With this information, it is easy to react decisively and proactively in order to minimize the overall impact and associated costs.

Visualize your planned production security, identify affected orders.

Outbound Monitoring

Check your supply capability against your demand in your customer network. Get an overview of which orders are covered by current inventory or scheduled production and which orders will not be on time. Create continuous communication with the shop floor to locate where in the process the corresponding products are located (planned, in-production, completed) in order to see what planning alternatives are available to make the promise date.

Get continuous transparency of the current status and ability to meet customer delivery by cross checking which requirements are fulfilled by stocks, production, or planned production.

Linked Knowledge: Holistic view of demand, inventory, and transportation

Real-time knowledge for making informed decisions

Today’s supply chain is continuously exposed to disturbances, fluctuating demands, transportation disruptions, or production problems. This requires a continuous flow of information that is able to be easily and efficiently reviewed in order to make well informed decisions. Turbo-Transparency provides the required real-time knowledge to detect changes and recognize the optimum solution in reaction to the change. Moreover, if actions are to be taken to make short-term operational changes, Turbo-Transparency allows you to have the information on hand to make the best decision with the least impact.

Holistic planning through linked knowledge

Knowledge of inventory, demand, and transportation situations allow for complete transparency across the entire value chain horizon. When there are transport issues, affected stock levels and orders are immediately identified in order to create a full view of the potential impact. Once the affected parts and orders are identified the best course of action is then easily defined through the transparency created by flexis solutions, moving from pure reactionary decisions to a more proactive and smart decision making.

Early detection and alerts of impending shortages

Critical parts, contracts, and customer requirements are shown in one single view with integrated warning systems to keep planners aware of impending issues.

The users get a comprehensive overview of:

  • Which parts are causing the bottleneck
  • What requirements/orders have been affected
  • What customer needs are delayed or unfulfilled