Reference Sequencing

Just-In-Sequence order planning for component plants – with flexis Reference Sequencing it is possible to move to a minimal stock supply chain

The contract planning process in component plants is set to be re-engineered. Traditional supply chains with large inventory buffers are a thing of the past. The transition to pull control, instead of push, Just-In-Sequence, or trailer-yard concepts are creating an environment where business units must work together in order to align their timing.

flexis Reference Sequencing uses the customer delivery date along with transportation and processing times within pre-assembly in order to give a holistic view of the production area. The result is a plan that takes into account human resources as well as the connected optimized production program to enable a minimized stock supply chain.

A particular challenge to a low stock supply chain is merging the various call-off granularities in order to create one optimized sequence. On one hand powertrain facilities are able to immediately bind an engine to its associated order at the main plant, but on the component level it is more difficult with customer call offs coming daily or weekly. A clear illustration, provided by flexis Reference Sequencing, is needed in order to show the various supply concepts and their restrictions.


  • Process cost optimization while maintaining the optimum production sequence
  • Hedge pearl chain stability through job specific, exact scheduling
  • Stability without the need of heavy material buffers
  • Simulate changes in the planning environment
  • Storage options for optimization models
  • Rule violations are easily visualized
  • React quickly to changing situations that require sequencing corrections