Integrated Sequencing Framework

Sequencing - Reference Sequencing - Production Control

Increased on-time delivery 8-10%

Reduce order throughput time/optimization 4-10%

Reduction of handling time 6-14%

Planning effort reduced by 10-18%

Personnel utilization increase of 3-8%

Optimally created production sequence: efficient, adaptable, and individually configurable

Modern sequencing requires a system that not only contains optimization algorithms and rules, but rather a system that approaches planning through the integration of order and process planning. This approach brings together your order planning and control with production logistics in order to create a powerful synergy. Optimized sequencing considers the whole picture in order to properly sequence orders based on individually weighted principals preset in your production system.

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Create an optimal order sequence using data such as customer delivery date, technical production specifications, as well as logistical and staffing requirements.

flexis sequencing is able to deliver an intelligent customer oriented sequencing plan while staying in accordance with production rules set in place to maximize lean production and logistics.

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Reference Sequencing

Connect multiple assembly plants or lines that supply your higher-level assembly sequence. Take into account the connection that sub-assembly areas may have to the master order (customer) in order to reduce the risk of part shortage and production interruptions. flexis reference sequencing can connect various areas of production such as pre-assembly, paint, body shop, powertrain, and unit assembly in order to successfully leverage existing flexibility while staying in accordance to pre-defined buffer sizes, lineage specific requirements, and possible restrictions as production flows upstream.

Plan in sync. leveraging available buffers with the ability to uncouple when necessary.

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Production Control

Check order flow based on current production feedback in order to ensure stable production. Monitor the order(s) as it passes through the different production areas to verify the current sequence plan and support rescheduling when necessary. Pull material orders in real-time to ensure that they show up at the work stations on-time.

Monitor short lead-times and control the order throughout the production process.

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Sequencing is the basis for a consistent pearl chain concept

Smoothing and Leveling

Level the assembly time of a single workstation or a cluster of stations through a holistic planning approach. The result, in terms of labor, is a balanced and optimized plan with equal distribution of the workload throughout the sequence. A powerful optimization engine ensures the uniform distribution of assembly time and related activities.

Constraint Analysis in Real-time

The constraint analysis considers current order volume, forecasted volumes, and sequence results in order to provide the user with an overall view. Rule violations are shown in terms of capacity restrictions for all critical attributes. As part of the results, the analysis can be viewed as a visualization of any existing policy violations. This allows for quick and efficient modifications to the production sequence.

Event Oriented Sequence Planning

Take intelligent control over your production sequence that is precisely geared to the current needs of your organization. Storage and retrieval of optimized orders is performed in real-time through the flexis In-Memory Database technology. flexis is able to tailor the needs for outsourcing to the requirements of their clients for common buffer structures such as FIFO, LIFO, or custom buffers.

Accurate On Time Delivery

With the precise planning tools that flexis offers, accurate and on time delivery of required parts from both external suppliers as well as internal production areas can be ensured to keep production running smoothly. Having the required materials linked to the current production sequence allows you to reduce inventories and lead times by having the supporting goods be produced and delivered exactly when they are needed at the line.

Comprehensive Rule Library

flexis sequencing incorporates a comprehensive rule library that is used to not only optimize the current sequence, but also to be used for modeling potential alternative plans. Technical production specifications such as block number, minimum distances, or material availability are all taken into account. The distinction between hard and soft restrictions allow for differentiated planning. The default rule set can also be used to set up customer specifications.