Technology for Supply Chain Management

In-Memory Technology

flexis has been a leading solutions provider for many years with our In-Memory Technology. All relevant information for the planning process is packaged and saved “in-memory”. This allows our solutions to access and adapt data much faster and more efficiently than traditional technologies.

Make Informed Decisions
Complex calculations, which were lengthy and computationally intensive with classic technology, are now producing real-time results. When changes arise, the user is able to run multiple scenarios in order to compare the possible options and pick an optimal solution. With the use of intelligent data storage, flexis is able to save time and increase productivity.

Scenario Validation or BOM Explosion
flexis In-Memory Technology and its associated solutions allow for increased performance through the ability to run scenario validation and BOM explosions in real-time. Therefore, our customers are able to have complete transparency across all critical business operations when making important supply chain decisions. flexis has been leading the industry in In-Memory Technology for years, creating solutions that still seem impossible to some.

flexis In-Memory Technology