flexis Technology - Multiple Dimensions

More Data, Less Effort

The increasing digitalization and the implementation of Industry 4.0 strategies improve the overall networking of business processes. Thus, resulting in greatly increasing the overall volume of data, creates more complexity, and requires a variety of planning elements and dimensions — from the market via product and manufacturing to the required parts. The current developments soften the boundaries of companies. However, at the same time there is a need to make processes more flexible, and to coordinate planning levels and dimensions from different company Livedivisions.

Our technology allows you to combine all relevant planning structures (sales, product, part, plant, market, time horizon) and related hierarchies and dimensions in a multidimensional model. Thus providing all required planning dimensions and proper links. With this capability, you can map processes from the field of S & OP, supply chain, and manufacturing in order to connect them with each other. We see the linking of planning areas as key for the future of more innovated processes. Changes in the multidimensional model to all areas of the company are available in real time and serve as a basis for making informed and validated decisions.

Flexible and Versatile

We offer a platform that is easy to set up, easy to configure, and easy to adapt on the fly. Using our technology, you are able to model structures and dimensions as required. As conditions change which must be satisfied, you can simply and intuitively add any form of logical rules using the order of the dimensions. Including all dimensions, even time dimensions, in an integrated model, enables a structured analysis of situations and their impact on the network of modeled parts. This way you can not only plan and analyze, but also react or predict.

Multiple Dimensions Apply to:

  • BOM / BOM explosion for connecting order and parts world
  • Integration of retail, sales planning and scheduling
  • Integration of production planning and control
  • Transportation planning for controlling the transport chain and to react to events


  • Can be fully configured and modeled
  • Resource-saving and high-performance storage model
  • Placeholder concept for extending master data
  • Acquisition and processing of live events at all planning dimensions
  • Intuitive operation through declarative language for data changes and queries