ProfiTour - The flexible dispatching system for solving extensive logistical planning tasks


ProfiTour is a route planning system that can be used strategically or operationally across flexible parameters. Our scheduling system is successfully used by well-known companies from various industries, each of whom was able to significantly reduce transport costs with the help of ProfiTour’s extremely powerful optimization processes.

  • High-performance optimization algorithms and semi-automated tools to support manual planning actions
  • Mapping and planning of transport networks and optimization of pickup and delivery tours
  • Freight billing and calculation with credit note and invoice creation
  • Integration of digital road networks, by region, country, or continent
  • Multilingual functionality (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese)

1. Applications

  • Distribution or procurement from one or more depots
  • direct delivery or consolidation via transfer points
  • centralized or decentralized planning
  • forwarding depot-less transport orders
  • Specification of framework tour plans
  • Optimization of the process chain between production and distribution logistics
  • Planning of transport networks

2. Planning Instruments

ProfiTour offers a variety of optimization procedures and parameters as well as semi-automated and manual planning instruments to enable a fast, flexible, and clear interface:

  • Automatic shipment bundling
  • Parameterizable optimization algorithms
  • Manual or semi-automated machining options
  • Scheduling via drag & drop and context menus
  • Automatic creation of dispatch type tours (parcel service, self-collection, etc.)
  • Free optimization, territory planning, or general tour planning
  • Comparison of outsourced and self-directed projects
  • Optimized vehicle deployment and assignment of forwarders
  • Distribution of planned orders to motor vehicles and trailers and to loading zones
  • Planning via distribution depots or as broken-up shipments
  • Planning of transport networks
  • Display of vehicle deployment in a dispatch plan

3. Features

  • Data import: Convenient interface handling via import macros - new creation, updates, cancellations
  • Data export: multi-parameter controls, management of release statuses
  • Configurable export to Excel
  • Data filing
  • Sending forms by fax or email according to customer requirements (tour lists, customer notifications, etc.)

4. Statistical Analyses

You can group data according to different easily-definable criteria and calculate key figures for various fields within these groups (totals, averages, minimum, maximum, and so on.)

In this way, it is easy to evaluate tour structure and costs, orders and consignment sizes, production capacity and area structures, fleet deployment and capacity utilization, etc. The results can be displayed in diagrams and, if necessary, exported to Excel for further processing.

5. Transport Cost Calculation

  • Calculation of transport costs and revenues during operational or strategic route planning as a decision support tool
  • Operational preparation of invoices to customers and credit notes to transport companies
  • Comparison between tariff-oriented costs and calculated vehicle costs to aid decisions between external and own-vehicle fleets
  • Support in the cost-optimized selection of forwarders for planned tours
  • Carrying out freight calculations and simulations with varying billing conditions or distribution structures
  • Preparation of statistical evaluations according to various criteria as an instrument for controlling transport costs and revenues

6. Telematics

Easily transfer planned tours to your navigation devices. Save yourself the constant, time-consuming back-and-forth with your drivers. Find out at a glance where your vehicles are and when they are expected to reach your customer. Use a professional telematics system that offers total support to your employees.

  • Navigation
    Automatic transfer of tours scheduled in ProfiTour to your navigation system. Route guidance through mobile or in-car navigation devices.

  • Vehicle Tracking
    Permanent control of the current vehicle positions via web portal. Instantly call up ETAs that account for current traffic.

  • Order Tracing
    Permanent transmission of order status and other logistics data, including travel times, working times, and downtimes, thereby enabling a wide variety of possible statistical operations.

ProfiTour service inSight

Internet portal for handling logistics services

Service inSight is a browser-based portal that can be used as a central transport management and accounting system or as an information platform for employees, customers, suppliers, and service providers via a web server or a company intranet.

  • Tour Guide
    Tour processing options based on existing tour planning: change management, customer notification, creation of tour lists, loading control, commissioning of carriers, recording of tour disturbances, and administration of the document return flow. After route planning, tours can be post-edited: Supplements can be inserted. Tour notes and container and loading door numbers can be added.

  • Order Management
    Import, entry, and processing of orders as a basis for logistics processes.
    Data is imported from Excel files or from other sources using customer-specific converters. User-friendly manual data-entry makes it possible to create and process orders quickly.

  • Statistics and Controlling
    Statistical evaluations of transport costs. Export to Excel for external processing.
    service inSight makes multiple statistical operations available. The settlement data allows analyses of costs, revenues, and contribution margins (freight forwarding ledger). Order and tour statistics provide information on area structures, distances , quantities, and capacity utilization in specified periods. Configurable queries can be used for further analyses. An Excel export provides an interface for additional external processing.

  • Transport Settlement
    Calculation of freight costs per tours via flexible settlement agreements. Automatic and manual creation of credit notes and invoices. Distribution of costs to posting accounts and cost centers. Billing in service inSight takes place via service data records, which are generated from the tours, but can also be created manually. Calculations are based on variably configurable billing agreements utilizing price matrices or fixed prices. When creating invoices or credit memos, you can use freely definable text templates. Receipts can be printed or sent to the recipient by e-mail. The services to be billed for contain indicators such as posting accounts or cost centers, so that further processing can be prepared in Financial Accounting and Cost Center Accounting.

  • Documentation of Tour Disruptions
    Delays, loading errors, damages, or other disruptions during delivery can be documented, evaluated and, if necessary, invoiced to any relevant parties.

  • Tour and Resource Planning
    Orders are combined into stops and tours in a simple and streamlined planning module. Tours are scheduled and carriers or vehicles and drivers are determined.

ProfiTour Planning Scenarios

Disposal - Delivery - Snow clearance - Street cleaning

We know that route planning needs vary by industry, but there are certain areas in which it is not possible to achieve optimum route planning without powerful algorithms. This includes planning with difficult time schedules, bulky goods, or large number of stops per tour.

Optimizing tours that require stops at every house on a street, for instance, can be made tricky in situations with limited street-crossings. Likewise, one-way streets and predetermined traffic flows can create planning challenges for tours with a large number of stops.

In ProfiTour, we provide you with a range of algorithms with which to solve your planning conundrums quickly and efficiently! The following functionalities are supported:

  • Automatic division of planning areas into tours
  • Manual and semi-automaticated supported work steps
  • Exact estimation of operating times
  • Preparation of timetables
  • Telematics solution connected on request

Planning Scenarios

  • Garbage Disposal
    When using vehicles with lifts, loading is often only possible from the right side. ProfiTour accounts for this in its route planning. Automatic or manually-supported division of planning areas into tour areas of equal capacity utilization.

  • Street Cleaning, Winter Road Maintenance
    When clearing snow or cleaning roads, most of the roads are driven through on both sides. Fast optimization procedures allow the creation of individual route plans in unpredictable weather conditions. This ensures optimum use of available capacities.