flexis Sales Planning

Our Sales Planning solution closes the gap between sales and production

With our Sales Planning solution, today’s manufacturing companies can harness the power of responsive, agile planning aligned with lean production capabilities to create an integrated S&OP strategy that drives company growth and profitability.

flexis Sales Planners provides companies with simple, comprehensive answers to some of the industry’s most complex planning questions. Integrating a wide variety of data sets such as historical sales figures, market trends, and sales and production alignment factors, flexis Sales Planning allows planners to generate a detailed, accurate first draft sales plan based on preconfigured rulesets.

From a production standpoint, flexis Sales Planning gives companies the tools to capture, analyze, and distribute metrics on production capacities including fluctuating variables and cost structures based on certain markets or customer pools.

On both sides of the equation, flexis Sales Planning provides companies with an intelligent, integrated platform for:

  • Creation of Forecast models based on historic figures, potentially combined with additional market indicators
  • Collaborative workflows between scenario designers for more efficient, effective modeling.
  • Increased alignment of sales and production targets while accounting for shifting variables and constraints to drive holistic company growth and earnings.
  • Enhanced analysis and distribution of sales check-ins to create increased visibility between the creation of corporate sales plans and production blueprints.