flexis ProfiTour Furniture Logistics

With its numerous parameterization options and its wide range of
functions, ProfiTour can be used both operationally and strategically
for distribution planning across various industries.

flexis ProfiTour Furniture Logistics

ProfiTour is a comprehensive scheduling system that’s ready to meet that challenges of modern furniture logistics. Optimized route plans, production in the truck, production capacity utilization, even utilization of all production lines throughout the week. Industry-specific tasks such as assembly planning or customer notification become a side job.

For industries in which production is orderrelated and finished products aren’t commonly warehoused, ProfiTour includes a module for production capacity planning that balances the use of production lines for logistically optimized route planning through intelligently tour scheduling.

Areas of Application:

  • Distribution or procurement from one or more depots
  • Direct delivery or multi-level transport and consolidation via load transfer points
  • Centralized or decentralized scheduling of transports from or between various affiliated plants or branches
  • Strategic determination and optimization of framework tour plans
  • Optimization of the process chain between production and distribution logistics