ProfiTour - Logistics Consultancy

Reduce transport costs, evaluate modifications and transport exceptions and maximize profitability

ProfiTour - Logistics Consultancy

ProfiTour, flexis’ best-in-class route and tour dispatching solution, has been successfully implemented by well-known companies across a variety of industries. Each of them was able to significantly reduce their transport costs with the help of extremely efficient optimization procedures. Between ProfiTour and our considerable transport logistics experience spanning numerous fields and areas of specialization, flexis can analyze and optimize your existing transport structure!

We Answer Your Questions with ProfiTour

  • How will my transport costs change if I take on a new customer?
  • How much can I save if I only supply my B and C customers once a week?
  • How will my transport costs change if I use a new regional warehouse?
  • I have a historically grown tour structure; could I save money by planning something completely new?
  • Changing scheduling windows for a large number of customers is extremely complicated; how do I know if it’s worth it?


Send us the scheduling data for one or more selected delivery days, and we’ll simulate your routes and optimize your transports on the basis of the data you provide. The Initial results will provide you with improved control and flexibility within your transport workflows.

  • Data acquisition
    You send us data about your transports for a specific period of time.

  • Information
    In a joint conference call, we learn about your current transport situation.

  • Parameterization
    We process the data and create an initial plan. If possible, we re-create your IST tours.

  • Control
    Using graphical displays and a tour list (including start and end times, kilometers driven, and total quantities), you can determine whether the planning scenarios reflect your business’ day-to-day realities.

  • Optimization
    Based on the parameterization carried out above, ProfiTour optimizes your route plan.

  • Judgement
    Once again, you have the opportunity to adjust the results as needed.

  • Results Display
    In order to make the planning results accessible, we create tour lists and stop lists in the form of ASCII files or Excel overviews in addition to graphical visualizations.

We Make Tour Simulations for You

Order Data

  • Order number
  • Charging point
  • Recipient address
  • Time specification (e.g. opening hours, delivery week, fixed dates)
  • Planning-relevant quantities
  • Special planning-relevant properties (on request)

Fleet Data per vehicle type

  • Vehicle number
  • Speed profile
  • Capacities relative to planning-relevant quantities
  • Possible operating times
  • Special planning-relevant properties (on request)

Framework Conditions

  • Address data of loading points
  • Service life calculation requirements (e.g. fixed portion per stop + variable portion per quantity, etc. – by arrangement)
  • Costs (simple calculation method for transport costs, e.g. consignment-related billing via a house rate table)
  • Costs per hour + costs per km, etc.

When Simulating Newspaper Delivery, Availability for Individual Newspaper Issues Is Required

  • Output
  • Printing line
  • Start (time of print start + picking time)
  • End (time of end of printing + picking time)
  • Print speed (copies per second)