flexis Production Planning

flexis Production Planning creates synergy between forecasted sales plans and real-world orders

By implementing flexis Production Planning, companies can free themselves from outdated methods of negotiating sales plans and real-world orders. Our Production Planning solution brings this balancing act into a modern context through an integrated planning and ordering platform where customers and manufacturers alike experience greater visibility into the sales, ordering, and production process.

flexis Production Planning drives increased credibility and satisfaction between manufacturing companies and customers by prioritizing reliable delivery windows based on optimized production criteria. Our software provides customers real-time delivery updates and scheduling timetables on a rolling basis to ensure companies and customers are aligned as to production and delivery expectations. Order buckets are created and optimized via sales plans and planned orders to help planners define and work through variables and constraints to generate optimal production mixes.

By moving away from the classic order book approach, companies can increase existing production capacities and orders can be matched to the planned order slot rather than being queued by order registration dates.

As a result, companies can create more reliable forecasts and modeling which highlight the full production schedule accounting for both planned slots and real customer orders. Manual replanning tasks can be created in sandbox environments and conflicts can be visualized for real-time replanning to resolve conflicts.