Order Slotting

Efficient communication between Sales and Production; high delivery performance and flexibility.

Order slotting, the allocation of orders to production facilities or resources in weekly or daily buckets, is a crucial tool for ensuring the supply of materials and optimization of punctuality to the customer. Today the dispatching of orders is largely based off of sales and takes into account production requirements in regards to the highest level of producible pieces.

In this case, logistics is often neglected and as a result, there is a high use of costly countermeasures when disturbances arise. This neglect can often lower customer satisfaction and hurt the company image. Global component strategies with longer lead-time supply chains increase this effect. Therefore, transparency over the entire process and the integration of sales and production are critical to success.

The task of order slotting is to mediate between the customer’s request and production in order to continue to strive for continuous production while offering flexibility. Sales related date commitments, long- lead time components, potential bottlenecks, and idle times must be taken into consideration in order to keep production moving while meeting all requirements.


  • Increase On-time Deliver
    flexis Order Slotting installations have improved delivery schedules and created returns within 12-36 months, increasing on-time delivery to 99%.

  • Reduction of WIP and finished goods inventory from 10-30%
    Holding stock to account for buffers and changes belong in the past. Intelligent and secure planning allows for the reduction of warehousing and handling costs.

  • Increase in Planning Efficiency
    Through the transparency created by the integration of marketing and production plans, manual testing and validation of delivery dates is no longer needed.