Balancing- leveled and smooth production programs; ensures a uniform load across all processes

flexis balancing levels and smooths all the jobs that are to enter production taking into account production requirements, logistics, and distribution. The result is a balanced production program that stabilizes and harmonizes the parts requirements from the supplier and creates a uniform distribution of manpower requirements in the assembly and production areas.

Balancing provides the ability to distribute all critical job attributes evenly over the selected time range and at the same time takes into account restrictions such as promised delivery dates and capacity restrictions.


  • Increased productivity through smoothing of the production plan
    Within a range of 12-36 months, flexis has proven a productivity increase of 2-5% in reference customers

  • Reduction of required flexibility in the procurement process
    This applies to production capacities, supplier network, as well as transportation and supply chains

  • Reduction of WIP and Finished Goods inventory by 10-30%