Sales Planning

Sales Planning made easy; high planning quality, maximum flexibility, and reliable coverage to your sales program

In today’s competitive markets, a long-term and reliable sales plan is essential. The sales plan serves as the basis for subsequent planning processes such as purchasing negotiations with suppliers or scaling of internal production capacities. Furthermore, strategic decisions are to be made in relation to the sales plan which could decide a company’s future success. These strategic decisions need to be supported by a robust planning tool that can run scenario validations.

flexis Sales Planning provides a system supported workflow in which different organizational areas of a company can work together to create an overall plan. Planning is supported by powerful features such as trend analysis and extrapolation, which are then referenced against historical sales data. Forecasts can be utilized to refine the planning granularity flexibly for both individual facilities and groups.

By comparing plans to the current restrictions or results of pre-and post- planning stages, flexis Sales Planning offers a continuous and consistent planning status to keep planners actively informed.


  • Sales Forecasts for the Company’s product portfolio
  • Construct orders taking into account customer buying behavior
  • Early integration of capacity information into the planning process
  • Simulation capability to analyze planning scenarios
  • Tools to support the trending forecast and reference requirements
  • Consideration of planning limits to enable a quick ROI and increased profitability
  • Calculation of long-term parts and capacity requirements