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New Software Offerings Now Cover Optimization of the Entire Logistics Chain

Stuttgart, January 7th, 2019. flexis AG in Stuttgart, a leading provider of supply chain technology solutions, has acquired Profi.S GmbH in Wenden, Germany and integrated their route planning system, ProfiTour into their existing suite of logistics and supply chain management offerings. ProfiTour is designed to optimize transport routes and to reduce transport costs, and as such acts as a complement to flexis’ industrial and production planning software. With this addition, flexis increases its relevance and core competencies beyond its origins in the automotive industry and concretely into the realm of transport logistics and tour planning. As a result, the company is, now more than ever, able to offer its customers an end-to-end solution that encompasses not just production planning but transport optimization and scheduling.

Over the past two years, flexis has worked to grow their core competency in production planning, first by expanding their solutions to include transport logistics. During this time, the company‘s aim has been to expand into new business areas, with the ultimate goal of providing the most comprehensive offering in the field of supply chain management. Their recent acquisition of ProfiTour helps them achieve just that. Now, flexis is able to offer customers a complete package of solutions, ranging from planning individual production steps internally, to coordination with suppliers and strategic and operative transport optimization.

From Automotive Specialist to Solution Provider for Production and Logistics

Since its founding, flexis has been offering solutions that help to create better alignment between modern supply chains and industrial production processes. Worldwide, major automobile manufacturers and their suppliers rely on the company’s know-how to bolster their production efficiency and improve their existing processes. flexis has used this knowledge and experience as a blueprint for finding new ways to help businesses cope with increasingly complex supply chains. To this end, the company has sought to supplement its original offerings with new and innovative additions.

The most recent stage in this process is the integration of route planning with ProfiTour. With it, flexis combines production optimization with transport logistics for the manufacturing industry. Existing users of the route planning system will now have the opportunity to achieve further optimization potential in the area of production. By the same token, existing flexis customers can now optimize transport networks and routes thanks to sophisticated dispatching procedures. In both cases, users will benefit from the synergies that arise from linking production and logistics.

"We offer customers from a wide range of industries the chance to optimize every aspect of their supply chains with a comprehensive set of solutions. We’re able to link them with suppliers via logistics and transport planning software that enables businesses to track parts and shipments in real time. Whether you’re a dispatcher or production planner, we can give you the tools to let everyone on your team track the journey of every single involved component through your entire process,” says Robert Recknagel, Vice President of Manufacturing and Logistics responsible for the establishment and expansion of the department Manufacturing & Logistics.

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About flexis AG

flexis AG, headquartered in Stuttgart, has been developing solutions for the automotive industry, manufacturing industry, and logistics for more than 20 years. In that time, flexis has accumulated know-how about their workflows and supply chains. With its systems, flexis can not only increase effectiveness and productivity for OEMs and suppliers worldwide, but can also pave the way for industry 4.0.