Sales and Production Planning

Sales & Operations Planning with part level integration creates unprecedented flexibility and predictability

The Automotive Industry is characterized by strong global competition and enormous diversification of trim levels and vehicle models. Because of this, manufacturers are striving to continuously optimize costs and establish precise distribution and production plans. By having Sales & Operations plans that already include the part level planning, you are able to provide flexibility and plan security.

The challenge for every automotive manufacturer is to develop a planning system that takes into account capacities and needs at all levels, taking into account market and production trends. Furthermore, this system must have the ability to respond flexibly to changes in procurement and sales market conditions.

Why isn’t there software capable of bringing sales planning, market inventories and production capacities together?

Ideally this software package would also be able to take into account medium and long term volume forecasts, and supplier information in order to balance capacities and needs across various levels. Flexis sales planning goes even as far as taking into account parts demand forecasts and delivery network capacities in order to formulate the ideal plan. This creates a high level of planning security and forecasting accuracy. “What-if” calculations can also be made using parts requirements and volume planning.