Optimization of Demand Capacity Planning

Appointment information to increase planning security - flexis Demand Capacity Planning ensures a clear view of the schedule axis

With flexis Demand Capacity Planning we were able to improve our ability to gain a quick overview of series and parts. This made it a lot easier to secure implementation scenarios and target delivery dates, and also to increase the reliability of planning in these areas. The time saved by the solution which operating failure-free since 2004 is substantial. Since the initial implementation, flexis Demand Capacity Planning has also further improved internal communications because all employees can access updated data at all times, and information flow, e.g. to the car series planners, functions more smoothly than was the case prior to the implementation of the flexis solution.
Hans Georg Kling - Daimler AG

Needs Assessment System for Parts

The method is based on order-neutral implantation of the plan, taking into account all available information. Thus, even when there are no jobs currently in the system, part numbers and component requirements are mapped out. In addition, all part number requirements are not only calculated but also pushed out depending on the input variables in terms of quality.

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