Composable SaaS Services for Supply Chain Optimization Deliver Agility and Resilience for Manufacturers


STUTTGART, Germany (February, 2024) – Cloud technology platforms offer numerous benefits across various dimensions, contributing to the transformation and efficiency of businesses and individuals, according to flexis AG. Cloud platforms, e.g., for supply chain planning and optimization, provide the ability to scale resources up or down based on demand. This flexibility allows organizations to adapt quickly to changing requirements without the need for significant upfront investments in hardware. However, technology is evolving at breathtaking speed, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to prioritize the trends in AI, ML and robotics in manufacturing companies.

According to the recently published Gartner report, Top Trends in Strategic Supply Chain Technology for 2024, “By 2027, 50% of large and extra-large supply chain organizations will have revisited their data governance maturity to assess their ability to manage complex cross-organizational data-driven use cases and technologies.”

Gartner explains, the top trends this year fall into two broad themes: Control and protect, (Cyber Extortion, Supply Chain Data Governance, End-to-End Sustainable Supply Chains) and Humans and machines (Maschine Customers, Next-Generation Humanold Working Robots, Composite AI, Augmented-Connected Workforce, AI-Enabled vision Systems).

“Cloud-based tools and platforms for end-to-end supply chain planning and automated optimization facilitate real-time collaboration among teams and business units, regardless of geographic locations. Customers using our cloud-based supply chain planning solutions confirm improved productivity and streamlined workflows,” said Ute Strohmaier, Head of Marketing for flexis AG.

The flexis composable business architecture follows core principles for driving speed, agility and greater resilience. flexis solutions are based on single-core, low-code solution and seamlessly integrate with existing systems and processes, providing built-in APIs that ensure a secure and smooth connection with other software applications. This approach makes it easier for companies to link different systems during a digital transformation, guarantee secure data exchange and remain open to additional SaaS technologies trends in the future.

Gartner, Top Trends in Strategic Supply Chain Technology 2024, Christian Titze, Dwight Klappich, and 7 more, 10 January 2024.

Gartner Top Trends for Strategic Supply Chain Technology

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