Smart workshop


**Smart workshop ** Manufacturing facilities in high volume production are currently primarily designed for specific components and often implemented with rigid linking. However, due to the increasing variety of products, such line-oriented production systems are stretched to their limits – especially regarding responsiveness, capacity utilization and delivery reliability. In the project “iWePro – Intelligent cooperation and cross-linking for the workshop production” partners from science and industry are therefore designing innovative production concepts for a flexible, smart workshop production with decentralized production control. Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Kuhrke, project engineer at Adam Opel AG for the technology field “Smart Factory”, explains in an interview, why the automobile manufacturer has joined in.

Partners in the consortium of iWePro include flexis AG, Adam Opel AG, DMG Electronics GmbH, SafeLog GmbH, SimPlan AG and TAGnology Systems GmbH, as well as research institutes Fraunhofer IPK and the Sociological Research Institute Göttingen (SOFI) e.V.