MAN Diesel & Turbo SE


MAN Diesel has decided on an extension of the current software license for the flexis production planning solution “ProPlan”. The rollout includes two plants in Frederikshavn (Denmark) and Aurangabad (India). In the future these two sites will be planned by the central logistics group in Augsburg (Germany).

In the Augsburg and Saint Nazaire (France) plants the flexis solution has been successfully in use since 2010. ProPlan functionality ranges from sales planning, to operational planning for assembly lines and work stations. A uniform distribution of complex orders leads to the best possible harmonious utilization of production resources and the avoidance of bottlenecks. For evaluation purposes there is functionality that not only allows the validation of a single planning scenario, but also the comparison of several planning scenarios.

flexis ProPlan increased delivery performance and productivity, and reduced throughput times for engines. In addition flexis ProPlan helped MAN Diesel & Turbo SE to achieve an improvement in the order scheduling process by simultaneous consideration of demand and capacities.