MAN Diesel & Turbo SE is planning with flexis


MAN Diesel & Turbo SE in Augsburg relies on flexis Order Slotting when it comes to planning the production program. The particular challenge of producing large diesel engines and turbo engines is the time scope for the production steps. The inevitable planning horizon at MAN Diesel & Turbo extends three years into the future.

The flexis solution visualizes demands and capacities along the whole process chain – from the foundry to engine delivery. The aims are to achieve utilization which is as even as possible by means of an equal distribution of orders and prevent bottle-necks in the long term. The transparency, the highest degree of individual configurability and the elevated simulation capability of the flexis solution guarantees reliable short- middle- and long term planning-

Safety through simulation

Besides the outstandingly free configurability, one of the main benefits ProPlan offers is that the current workload can be indicated and optimized according to the specific demands. The simulation abilities of the tool guarantee reliability of the planning results – despite of the considerable planning complexity, long planning periods and the high degree of variability. This doesn’t only allow the consideration and evaluation of a certain variant, but also creation and comparison of several different variants.

With the help of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) the different scenarios can be validated. Thus the planner is able to ensure that he decides in favor of the best given alternative