New research project FlexAEM – multicriteria optimized order scheduling for versatile serial production in global networks with volatile customer purchasing behavior.

For better response to market changes and benefiting from locational advantages, companies more and more intensify operating in international production networks. At the same time, globalization causes increased competition and large fluctuations in product demand. Against this background, the flexible and efficient production of customized products is a crucial requirement for ensuring competitiveness.

In this context, FlexAEM aims for a novel software solution for multi-criteria optimization of production planning, based on the proven work-around of the planned order that is used to span the conflicting demands of long-term planning and short-term needs of customer orders and demand fluctuations.
For algorithm based planning and optimizing the mathematical and logical basis for the data specific mapping of the (time-varying) product, production structure and other relevant constraints are explored in FlexAEM.

On this basis a prototype software solution is developed. It will provide an opportunity, how the dynamic order planning and manipulation can be processed and optimized automated in direct coordination with existing ERP systems. The solution being aimed at allows for the first time to perform optimized and reliable planning despite of high order volatility and enormously complex constraints.