Research map "Industry 4.0"


As one of 325 locations throughout Germany, flexis is listed on the research map "Industry 4.0". It should be noted in particular that only 28 SMEs from Baden-Wuerttemberg and only 86 SMEs in Germany are listed.

The listing is based on flexis' activities in the field of intelligent production concepts. The software system used for the company's listing enables smart workshop production and supports companies with an increasing number of variants and a tendency towards batch size 1 in dissolving rigid production systems.

flexis systems for short-term planning of workshop production capacity enables customers to conveniently manage orders and map the associated machine, employee, material and tool structures. At the same time, the software optimizes process flows for the individual orders. The complex capacity and resource world of a company is always included in the planning. The challenge in today's detailed planning is no longer just the optimal utilization of resources. Rather, it is a matter of reacting quickly, flexibly and optimally to feedback such as, for example, production disruptions - all in the spirit of Industry 4.0.