flexis Containerload


The packaging plant in Wackersdorf is the reference packaging facility of BMW AG for the parts supply of BMW plants abroad. flexis Containerload acts as a central component of the new efficient loading system. The module of the flexis container management solution has been successfully installed and pilot tested.

Standardized, rules-based, and optimized container loading, developed by BMW specialists, is calculated with flexis Containerload, based on a given need. That way, the current packaging and loading process can be changed from a push to a pull process. In addition, the planner is supported by the system in a way that allows even less experienced staff to carry out the processes while maintaining quality. flexis Containerload preserves knowledge of specifics of the respective planning and makes it available again.

Following the successful pilot testing of the flexis component, flexis is also involved in the further restructuring of the BMW packaging plants. The order for the concept development of the aforementioned conversion of packaging facilities from a push to a pull process has already been awarded to flexis by BMW. flexis has the necessary process and software expertise in this area as well.