Industry 4.0 Association/Guojiang in China


Stuttgart, Germany: flexis AG, a global leader in automotive and manufacturing supply chain software solutions, today announced a new partnership with China’s Industry 4.0 Association/Guojiang. With this partnership, businesses operating in China or seeking to establish operations in China will gain instant access through flexis to leading-edge supply chain technology and best practices. Together, the Industry 4.0 Association/Guojiang and flexis will help manufacturers across China to leverage the emerging benefits of innovative Industry 4.0 concepts.

Since its founding, Guojiang has attracted a sizeable membership comprised of more than 4,500 companies seeking to share and advance their knowledge and capabilities, particularly in the area of Industry 4.0 principles and leading-edge manufacturing technologies. The association’s scope includes increasing knowledge and innovation with automation and data exchange to cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and cognitive computing. Combined, these concepts build a more robust understanding of Industry 4.0 and provide the foundation for what is often referred to as the "smart factory."

flexis solutions have been deployed already before the era of Industry 4.0, providing visibility of actual events on the shop floor, changing realities in supplier and customer networks, and complex planning environments. flexis customers in automotive, manufacturing, and logistics can see increases in efficiency and effectiveness across their operations, resulting in improved customer satisfaction, increased revenue, and reduced cost.

Guojiang President Eric Wang, on the benefits of partnering with flexis: “The partnership will benefit Chinese manufacturers in the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing by enabling access to professional options for supply chain optimization.”

“Manufacturers are facing new challenges every day and more than ever, there is a global imperative toward connectivity and new knowledge, “ said Joachim Koch, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, accountable for the global flexis Partner Network. “We are proud to partner with Guojiang to learn more about the extraordinary capabilities of Chinese manufacturers and to facilitate shared knowledge and growth with leading-edge technologies and best practices.”

About Industry 4.0 Association/Guojiang: Industry 4.0 Association/Guojiang is an association of manufacturing companies, colleges and universities, research institutes, and public media to promote the adaptation of industry 4.0. With "Made in China 2025", China’s initiative to comprehensively upgrade Chinese industry, Guojiang is devoted to the standardization of industry 4.0, deployment of the industry 4.0 maturity model and the identification of industry 4.0 service providers to assist traditional manufacturers in the realization of significant benefits. Guojiang is operated by Suzhou 4.0 Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

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About flexis AG: For more than 20 years, flexis has been recognized as an industry leader in developing and implementing supply chain software solutions in automotive, manufacturing, and logistics industries. Our goal is to provide companies with end-to-end visibility of planning, scheduling, and execution systems and to empower our customers with the knowledge and tools to optimize the flow of their products from suppliers to end customers and all points in between. flexis operates offices in Europe, North America, and Asia.