Sequencing 6.0


The truck manufacturer DAF has upgraded the existing flexis sequencing solution to version 6.0 for the plants in Eindhoven and Westerlo. The solution at Leyland Trucks, a company that also belongs to the corporate group, has been converted to the latest version, too.

Since 2005, sequencing at Westerlo in Belgium has been performed with a flexis solution. In 2006 the truck plants at Eindhoven (Netherlands) and Leyland (UK) were added. By upgrading to the current version of flexis Sequencing, DAF is able to profit from several new benefits. For example, an enhanced set of rules allows the refinement of planning. In addition, process safety has been considerably increased. Through the upgrade, the sequencing process for buffer optimization has been significantly accelerated. Other benefits are improved possibilities for result analysis and an even more user-friendly operability.

Overall, at DAF and Leyland, eight sequencing applications are employed. At the end of March 2014, with the cabin buffer sequencing, the last upgrade went live.