American Honda Premier Partner 2018

It is amazing to see what great technology, great solutions, and great people can do. And it is even more amazing to see the Honda team doing this again and again and again for so many years now. A significant accomplishment and contribution to an outstanding customer and to flexis. Honda just awarded us again the American Honda Premier Partner Award.

As per the included letter:

Congratulations on your 2018 American Honda Premier Partner nomination. Your company has been recognized for outstanding performance in the following categories:

  • Customer Service
  • Budget Management
  • Program I Service Customization
  • Delivery
  • Quality
  • Innovation

This is an important and meaningful program to American Honda and has been in existence for 20 years. The Associate(s) who took the time and effort to submit a nomination did so because your organization has demonstrated a strong example of embracing the Honda philosophy of exceeding customer expectations. Please accept this personalized award as a token of our greatest appreciation.

Honda of America awarded flexis the Premier Partner Award

Last year (2014) flexis was awarded the Premier Partner Award from Honda and officially presented to the public during an award ceremony in Torrance, CA, USA. flexis AG is one of 15 winners who were selected from a total of 1,000 Honda partners. The criteria for the award were excellence in terms of quality, value and service.

"flexis is pleased to receive this award," said Mike Lenaghan, EVP of flexis North America, Inc. "To provide a solution like this requires a strong business relationship that is based on mutual understanding. flexis is honored to be recognized by Honda as a trustworthy and reliable partner. flexis provides solutions that enable a coordination of planning with the processes from the dealers/markets to the production sites and into the delivery network.

In the midst of record sales and continued strong performance of the company we ask our suppliers to continue their commitment to exceptional quality and service", said Charles Harmon, American Honda senior manager of procurement and business services. "We thank the outstanding organizations and companies for their response to this call and their role in ensuring that Honda lives up to their own expectations for its customers.