Challenges - Shippers - Strategic Network Planning

Network Planning

Poor integration of planning and operational components. Decisions based on outdated, historical information. Insufficient supply chain risk management.

Simulating the impact of sales plans on logistics can not be easily accomplished using conventional IT tools.

Still, shippers need to be prepared for the future, which means answering certain questions:

  • What will my market strategy mean for transport logistics?
  • How will I need to shape my network to fit the needs of tomorrow?
  • What will happen if I open or close additional plants? What will be the impact of introducing or closing new warehouses or cross-docks?
  • What will it mean for my transport setup and, ultimately, prices if I change my customer delivery promises? What strategies can I use to cope with those changes?
  • What does it mean when cost of one or many transport providers change? How is my network changing?