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flexis Outbound Pull

Most shipping orders involve a modicum of flexibility, but the vast majority of businesses aren’t using this flexibility to their best advantage. In the Outbound Pull module, delivery restrictions (the earliest and latest delivery dates) and capacity restrictions are transmitted alongside the transmission of the completion of goods delivery, with the aim of turning each shipment’s restrictions and requirements into an opportunity to optimize capacity usage.

Strategic, tactical, and operational planning all stand to add value through regional consolidation, smarter use of storage, and optimized throughput times. flexis can plan the entire delivery in different sections of a route and generates corresponding transport orders, with the result being that each truck chartered to the warehouse is utilized to the maximize possible advantage, every foot of storage space is used for the appropriate time frame, and every order ships at the ideal moment.

Let flexis’ Outbound Pull Module simplify your outbound needs by cutting the through the complexities of hub and cross-dock utilization, direct shipping routes, LTLs, etc. to find new efficiencies and improve performance. Discover an integrated solution for improving delivery accuracy.